What do we do

This company began in 2016 with the idea of making quality ceramic handicraft pieces, bringing this ancient discipline to life by combining it with new designs and ideas. It is specialized in the elaboration of modern crockery and decorative elements of stoneware and earthenware. Through the use of different techniques, a great variety of works are made to order with personalized designs. This way, a unique product of which the client is a part is offered.

“With my work I seek to amaze, amuse, and delight others, and at the same time be amazed, amused, and delighted with what I do. I enjoy making everyday objects which are not only practical but also touching.”


Contemplation is observation with the intention of recognizing, admiring, or simply delighting oneself, but without passing judgement. Nourishment for the imagination is obtained through this act of contemplation and it’s while contemplating nature and the environment that my ideas spring forth. I try to show my interpretation of the world, seeking its beauty and amusements, its complexity and simplicity at the same time. I see not only the enchanting but also the astonishing side of the world.

As a potter I work with the four elements: Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire. With such an elementary mixture I shape new objects which are as diverse and uncertain as nature. I like change, and create new pieces frequently using my own personal and continual style.


For restaurants and individuals, we offer the possibility of making personalized tableware. If you want a special presentation for any of your recipes, we will look for a design that fits with the rest of the decoration of the premises. More information on the restaurants page.


In ceramics, the material is constantly being recycled. The paste that you remove from the pieces when touching up their base, carving them, etc. it is moistened and reused. And the same process is done with the enamel that is removed from the support area of the piece. On the other hand, under the sink I have a settling system to prevent the discharge of substances. It consists of two large cubes. The material produced by cleaning tools and surfaces is deposited in them. I also use this material, which is changing, as enamel or paste to make collections of pieces. As for the packaging, I use a simple one and a large part of it is made from recycled or reused materials from other companies that provide it to me. And finally, the materials used are purchased from local and national companies. With all this, I try to contribute my grain of sand to help conserve this wonderful planet that gives us everything. We only have one Earth!