Unique tableware made by hand

For several years I have collaborated with chefs from a wide variety of restaurants to design and manufacture tableware to go with their creations. Pieces that surprise the public and accompany this new creation.

And if you are an individual, you like my work and you want a different, personalized, and made-to-measure tableware, this is also your place. As for the hospitality industry, we can make a set of pieces for you or for a unique gift. A set with the same design, combination of different pieces, large or small pieces… Whatever you want to enjoy in your day-to-day or for special occasions.

My way of working is very personal, looking for the shape, color and style that best suits and reflects the client’s ideas. We talk, we see the needs and once the design and budget are approved, we start working. During the process, I send some photos so you can follow it step by step.

In addition, I have a wide sampler from which we can start to see possible shapes and finishes.

Each piece is made entirely by hand. The shape, texture, and color are sought, advising what may work best for the use it will have. What is not at odds with resistance, design and durability, since they are suitable for dishwashers, microwaves and ovens.

Each piece may vary slightly from each other in shape, size, and color, due to its handcrafting, especially those with more irregular shapes. Highlighting its exclusivity and unique value.

Decorate your table with original pieces.

Within my collections, you will also find decorative pieces such as vases, cutlery holders and other decorations for the table or room. Like tableware,  orders can be personalized in accordance with the space.

Support crafts and handmade

By choosing one of my pieces you will be supporting ceramic crafts, small national businesses, and sustainability. All of them are made entirely by hand, from modeling to decoration, with love and care. And in this way offer the quality and exclusivity you are looking for. Contact me for more information.


Designed in stoneware and hand painted


Dishwasher and Microwave Safe


We advise you on the design and its shape

Plates examples

Custom tableware for hotels and individuals

We advise you on the design